Filippo Bello.Digital 3D Artist,Motion Designerand Director


Why “Bello”?

Because bello is the most sincere reaction any person can have to something well crafted.
Because when someone wants to share something astounding, they say: “Visto che Bello?”.

Also, because I’m Filippo Bello.

I’m a 3D Artist and Creative Director who started his career working on photorealistic renders for skyscrapers, malls, villas and all that’s made of bricks (or, well, a variety of other materials). 

But it’s when all buildings were built that I became obsessed with cartoons, animation and the vast world of creativity that 3D unveils.

Since then, my works have crossed the great Chinese wall (Diction), sped through cities on rails (Metropolitana Brescia) and went microscopic (Evozyne).

This is what I do.
Ready to say Bello?